A Peek Into Team Archives: What Coaches Really Thought of Dandy Don

ARCHIVES Don Meredith end of year review

Cowboys fans who love to learn about the history of America’s Team would totally geek out during a trip to the team archives with Cowboys archivist Jonathan Thorn. A history buff himself, Thorn has access to really cool stuff…like this Player Evaluation from 1963 of quarterback Don Meredith.

Don Meredith would later become NFL Player of the Year and a member of the Cowboys Ring of Honor. But in this evaluation written in early 1963 (following the 1962 season), Meredith was coming off a year in which he was still officially behind veteran starter Eddie LeBaron on the depth chart.

As you can see from the evaluation, Cowboys coaches and scouts saw a very bright future for Meredith. They were correct. Meredith became the starter in 1963. For his career, Meredith played only 9 seasons with the Cowboys, but led the team to its first NFL Championship Game in 1966.

Take a look at the specifics of the evaluation. In the “Play Calling Ability” section, the player referenced is tight end Lee Folkins (apparently the coaches thought Meredith favored Folkins too much…a criticism that some observers have leveled at Tony Romo in regards to throwing the tight end Jason Witten).

Author: Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales is the Cowboys' multi-award winning sideline reporter who has covered the Cowboys for 25 seasons.

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  1. I knew by the title of the article this was written by Kristi! Love all the historical stuff she writes about!

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