A Rookie’s Experience At The Senior Bowl


Once we heard the news that the Cowboys coaching staff would be coaching in the Senior Bowl, I also heard that I’d be making the trip to Mobile, Alabama to watch practices and participate in the week. As someone who normally bugs my coworkers to watch film and learn more about the NFL Draft, I was anxious for the experience.

The entire trip was just that, an experience. Here are 5 things that I learned during my time here:

  • Most of these players here grew up Cowboys fans. Just talking to several of them it is obvious that being 90s kids translated to their team selection. A lot of them said things like “I just grew up being a Cowboys fan, it was all I knew.”
  • Pack your winter clothes! I learned this the hard way. While packing for Mobile, I debated bringing a heavier coat but thought “No way I’ll need that.” I was wrong, very wrong. Watching practice would have been a lot more enjoyable with that heavier coat.
  • The Cowboys coaches have a lot on their plate, all the time. Even while they were here focusing on coaching the North Team, they were also conducting interviews for the coaching vacancy with the departure of Jerome Henderson. Coach Garrett confirmed former Miami coach Al Golden was being interviewed and he was seen on the sidelines at the final North Team practice.
  • If you ever get invited to play in the Senior Bowl, accept the invite. The exposure that these athletes are getting is just second to the NFL Combine. All leagues have representatives scouting these guys and the likes of John Elway, Mike Tomlin and Dan Marino can be spotted at practices. With ESPN’s live broadcast, many more are able to get to know your name or status leading into the draft process.
  • The food in Mobile is pretty incredible. This might be the most obvious lesson and something I could’ve known before but if you ever find yourself here make sure you make a stop at Dreamland! The barbecue is top knotch.

Author: Taylor Stern

Taylor Stern

Native New Mexican, Taylor works as the Cowboys’ Social Media Coordinator. When she’s not running around tweeting pictures of the team she can be found on her couch watching college football, wasting time on Pinterest or eating at Chuy’s.

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