Term of the Day: Interference

Interference can be defined as either illegally hampering a player’s opportunity to catch a pass or blocking for another player carrying the football.

Term of the Day: Intentional Grounding

The quarterback, while he is still in the area between the tackles, purposely throwing the ball out of bounds or into the ground to avoid taking a sack.

Term of the Day: In Bounds

The region of the field that is considered in play.

Term of the Day: Illegal Shift

A foul by the offense where a player fails to reset for at least one second after two players shift position at the same time.

Term of the Day: Illegal Procedure

A penalty that includes movement by an offensive player before the snap.

Term of the Day: Illegal Motion

An illegal movement where two offensive players are in motion at the same time when the ball is snapped.

Term of the Day: Illegal Formation

An offensive formation in which not enough players are on the line of scrimmage.

Term of the Day: I-Formation

An offensive formation that looks like an I because the two running backs line up directly behind the quarterback.

Term of the Day: Hurry-Up Offense

An offensive strategy designed to gain as much yardage as possible while running as little time off the clock as possible.

Term of the Day: Huddle

When the 11 players on the field from one team form a group to discuss the upcoming play.

Term of the Day: Hot Receiver

A receiver designated to accept a quick pass from the quarterback in the event of a blitz by the defense.

Term of the Day: Hotdog

A player who shows off by displaying flamboyant antics instead of going about his duties in a buisness-like fashion.

Term of the Day: Hook and Ladder

A pass play in which the receiver catches a pass facing toward the line of scrimmage, then laterals the ball to another offensive player who is racing toward the opponent’s e

Term of the Day: Hole Number

A number assigned to each gap or space between the five offensive linemen and the tight end.

Term of the Day: Helping the Runner

Another player cannot assist the ball carrier by pushing or pulling them forward. The result is a 10-yard penalty.

Term of the Day: Hash Marks

The two rows of lines near the center of the field marked off in one-yard increments.

Term of the Day: Hang Time

The amout of time in which a punted ball remains in the air.

Term of the Day: Hands Team

A team of sure-handed players that specializes in recovering onside kicks.

Term of the Day: Halfback

An offensive player who lines up in the backfield and generally is responsible for carrying the ball on run plays. Otherwise known as a running back or tailback.

Term of the Day: Hail Mary

An offensive play where the quarterback throws the ball up in the air without really targeting any particular receiver, hoping someone on his team catches it.

Term of the Day: Gunner

The members of the special teams who specialize in racing downfield to tackle the kick or punt returner.

Term of the Day: Gridiron

Another term for the football field.

Term of the Day: Goal-Line Stand

Stopping the opposition at or near one’s goal-line on a series of plays.

Term of the Day: NFC East

The NFC East (National Football Conference) is a division within the NFL which consists of the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

Term of the Day: Catch-Tackler

A defender who does not strike through a ball carrier when tackling; a defensive player who accepts contact rather than delivering it.

Term of the Day: Run-and-Chase Player

A defender who is at his best pursuing ball carriers from the back side of the field.

Term of the Day: Swim Move

A pass-rushing technique in which a defender uses an arm-over maneuver (resembling a freestyle swimming stroke) to get past a blocker at the line of scrimmage.

Term of the Day: Bend and Burst

A pass rusher’s ability to turn the corner on a speed rush by maintaining balance and body control.

Term of the Day: Forklift

A pass-rushing maneuver in which the defender uses both hands to drive a blocker back into the quarterback’s lap.

Term of the Day: Ball Hawk

A defender who has a knack for disrupting passes. This type of defensive player has outstanding instincts in the passing game, leading to interceptions and pass breakups.

Term of the Day: 3-Technique

A defensive lineman who lines up on the outside shoulder of the offensive guard. The technique is an essential alignment in a 4-3 base defense.

Term of the Day: Waist-Bender

An offensive lineman who doesn’t bend his knees when engaging defenders, which limits his balance and makes him more susceptible to counter moves (like a swim move).

Term of the Day: Anchor

The ability to stop a powerful pass rusher’s penetration by exhibiting balance and body control.

Term of the Day: Kick and Slide

The technique used by offensive tackles in which they kick step and shuffle to stay in front of a pass rusher.

Term of the Day: Acrobat

A player who has the ability to make a tough adjustment with his body while in motion. This term is generally used as a descriptor for wide receivers.

Term of the Day: Robotic

A term that describes a player who is not fluid in his movements, exposing his intended direction to defenders.

Term of the Day: Alligator Arms

A term that describes a pass catcher’s failure to extend his arms to catch balls in traffic, typically out of fear of getting hit.

Term of the Day: Downhill Runner

A ball carrier who excels at running between the offensive tackles.