Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Debut #DCCdefined


On Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders released their new social campaign #DCCdefined. An 8-week video series of personal interviews, that allows you to connect with the squad like you never have before.

The series will inspire you to be better than you are today. And will empower you to chase any dream you can possibly imagine.

In the next eight weeks, as the installments of #DCCdefined are released the 5 Points Blue contributors will be answering the same questions asked to the cheerleaders. Please share in the comments below your answer to this question and continue the conversation using the hash tag #DCCdefined.

To view more of #DCCdefined click here – www.dallascowboys.com/cheerleaders/dccdefined

This week’s question is: With the knowledge you have today, what would you tell your 14-year old self?


Charlotte Jones-Anderson

“In your biggest challenges lie your most unique opportunities..Don’t’ be afraid to fail, failure gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and come back stronger and wiser in our next effort.”


Laurel Glenn

“Wear clothes that flatter your own beautiful body. Just because it may be in style doesn’t mean it’s the best look for you. Listen to your mom, she always wants you to look and feel your best.”


Nikki Harrison

“Always dream big and don’t be afraid.”


Lindsay Cash

“The road less traveled is lonely sometimes. Your beliefs, and the way you live your life may not always be the popular way. But staying true to your beliefs doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it means you’re strong. Don’t change for anyone!”


Alex Campisi

“ I would say, making mistakes really doesn’t matter all that much yet. In fact, some really good things can come from it…(But don’t get crazy.)”


Amy Goodson

“I would tell myself that there is always going to be someone that’s prettier than you, smarter than you, thinner than you, more successful than you, etc. and that is OKAY! Don’t look at what everyone around you is doing or not doing and just do you because as a 35 year adult you know that what other people do really does not matter. Just do YOU and do you well.”


Taylor Stern

“You are good enough and you don’t have to be anything else than who you really are. Your sassy attitude will get you far. At the end of the day, all that matters is how you treat others.”


Danielle Turner

“If I were to tell my 14-year old self anything, it would be that there is not one set path to success or one definition of it, so relax. Brush off the little stuff and live in the moment, because things always come together, even if it’s not in the ways that you expect.”

Author: Taylor Stern

Taylor Stern

Native New Mexican, Taylor works as the Cowboys’ Social Media Coordinator. When she’s not running around tweeting pictures of the team she can be found on her couch watching college football, wasting time on Pinterest or eating at Chuy’s.

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