DCC Defined: How Does it Feel to Inspire Others?

This week the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shared their sixth installment of the DCCdefined series. This week they answered, “How does it feel to inspire others?” Since we all have a unique platform by working for the Dallas Cowboys, the five points blue contributors also shared their answer to this question.


Lindsay Draper

I feel like we complicate joy sometimes. But realizing that inspiring one person may not change the world, but it changes their world; that is empowering.


Nikki Harrison

There really is no feeling like it, especially when you are doing something that comes completely natural to you.  I, many times, am taken aback when someone acknowledges how they look up to me and hold high regards of my opinion.  When I hear that it just makes me feel great and I want to continue and be even better.


Amy Goodson

I think I was born with an encouraging/exhorting gene as empowering and encouraging people and friends, in all areas of life, is one of my favorite things to do; it makes me tick. For me, encouraging and inspiring others warms my heart and makes me feel like I have an irreplaceable spot in this world.  In that minute I might be the only person doing that for that specific person.  When I graduated pre-school and all the kids stood on stage and said what they wanted to be when they grew up (doctor, lawyer, teacher), I said a cheerleader.  Little did I know that I would become that for so many friends and in my job as a dietitian.  I constantly cheerlead and model what I want others to do in health, wellness and fitness and to see one person succeed, my heart is happy.


Laurel Glenn

I think to inspire others, you first have to find inspiration in yourself. If you are motivated to do your best in everything you do and have a kind heart towards those around you, it’s likely that you will naturally bring out the best in the other people you encounter.


Kristi Scales

Whether you’re a parent, a professor, a doctor, a teacher, a janitor, a broadcaster, a marketer — anything in life — the main criterion is ‘Are you leaving things better than you found them?’.  Put another way, ‘Are you doing your best to make things better for people coming behind you?’   I don’t think of myself as being an inspiration for anyone.  Honestly, I’m just trying to do things the best to my ability.  If someone else says, ‘She’s making it as a broadcaster in a men’s sport’, then I’m proud to be a role model for future female sports broadcasters.  But, truly, I just want things to be easier for the people coming behind us.


Taylor Stern

I find myself inspired by so many of those around me but nothing beats the feeling to know that I might have an impact on someone else. Empowering others is extremely important to me. It is extremely rewarding to see the light go on in someone’s eyes when they find motivation.


To watch the DCC answer their question, click here!

Author: Taylor Stern

Taylor Stern

Native New Mexican, Taylor works as the Cowboys’ Social Media Coordinator. When she’s not running around tweeting pictures of the team she can be found on her couch watching college football, wasting time on Pinterest or eating at Chuy’s.

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