DCC Defined: When Do You Feel Most Confident?


This week the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shared their fourth installment of the DCCdefined series. This week they tackled the subject of confidence, something that has multiple dimensions. The women shared stories of when they feel most confident. We also posed this question to our Five Points Blue contributors and the answers were very interesting.

Here are the their responses to: When do you feel the most confident?


Staci Good-McNicholas

I feel my most confident when I accomplish a goal- professionally or personally. So much time and effort is taken when developing out a goal- thinking about it, planning how to achieve it, taking action, and the feeling of accomplishing something you poured so much into is incredible. When my goals are reached, I feel unstoppable. And that’s when I feel the most confident.

Dana Jones

I feel most confident when I’m in my best fitting jeans, a soft somewhat fitted v-neck t-shirt and around my best friends. For some reason when we’re together we feel like we can conquer the world!

Nikki Harrison

I feel my most confident when I set a goal and meet that goal.

Amy Goodson

​Besides when wearing high heels, hehehe, I feel my most confident when I am in my element of talking nutrition and when being with my friends and family that care about me. When in the world of nutrition, I know my info and thus can educate and help people which I love. Being able to help someone feel better, have more energy, lose weight, feel more confident with their weight, perform better, etc. makes me feel confident because I am helping someone become a better version of themselves. In addition, being with people I love and care about lifts my heart and in those moments I feel the most confident because my heart is happy.

Laurel Glenn

My confidence is highest when I am organized and accomplishing things. When I make a plan to meet goals and stick with that plan, I feel strong and fulfilled whether that be in my work life or my personal life.

Taylor Stern

I feel my most confident when I make myself proud. Whether that’s having a great day at work or finishing a workout I didn’t think I could. I love when I am able to get over that mental hurdle and prove myself wrong.

Kristi Scales

First, it’s important to admit that it’s not always possible to feel 100% confident all the time. It’s okay to feel apprehension in certain situations because that means you are pushing your boundaries, ready to step beyond what is comfortable and easy. If we don’t step beyond our comfort zones, we’ll never do anything new or creative. That being said, if you “do your homework” (research/rehearse/practice) so you’re well-versed in a subject area, it will help you feel more prepared and comfortable. And surround yourself with supportive people who push you forward, not hold you back.


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Author: Taylor Stern

Taylor Stern

Native New Mexican, Taylor works as the Cowboys’ Social Media Coordinator. When she’s not running around tweeting pictures of the team she can be found on her couch watching college football, wasting time on Pinterest or eating at Chuy’s.

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