#DCCdefined : Who Inspires You?


On Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders released their second installment of their campaign #DCCdefined. This one asked the question Who Inspires You?

The women shared their diverse answers. Jinelle, who shared that it was her 102 yr old grandmother who kept her motivated and passionate for life. While, Erica said she found inspiration in her mother’s strength after her father passed away. This week’s video was a chance for us to learn more about these incredible women.

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This week’s question is: Who inspires you the most?

Please share your own answer in the comments below.


Dana Jones

My grandmother Betty Lou Dill, better known as Mama Lou is the person that inspires me most. She’s 85 years old and has a heart and soul that I’m convinced is made of pure gold. I’ve never heard her speak ill of anyone and I can say in confidence I wouldn’t be able to find one person that could speak ill of her in return. She’s experienced true loss in every form…her parents, former husband, her sister, friends and unfortunately even one of her children. She gets up each day and is always dressed to impress. Her bright nature without a doubt brings light into every room she enters. She’s the definition of what it means to be truly beautiful both inside and out. Whenever I say “Mama Lou” to anyone that’s met her their immediate response is almost always, “Oh I just looove Mama Lou!” and paired with a smile from ear to ear.

Lindsay Cash

My sister inspires me. She is always searching for what makes people happy, then seeks to bring that to life for them. Girls who genuinely, humbly serve from the heart are the most inspiring individuals in the world, and we need more of them.

Kelsey Charles

One of the people that inspire me the most is my mother. I know that’s cliche to say, but she really is amazing. Her heart, her character, her will to never give up has been so inspiring to me. No one ever promised life was going to be easy- everyone has things come their way at times- but she has been so incredibly courageous and strong, all while still being kind to others every step of the way. It’s really easy to let life get the best of you sometimes- even the little things can seem to sway you from your path. And I admire my mother so much for being a rock for our family and others all while spreading love along the way.

Amy Goodson

Definitely my parents.  They are the strongest, faith-based, encouraging, giving people that I know.  My parents honor God with everything in them on the good days, the bad days and the tough days.  They have instilled in me a faith that is incomparable to any gift that anyone could every receive.  They have been there for me along every step I have taken and both would drop everything to help me.  Their wisdom, love, guidance and enthusiasm are something that money cannot buy and something greater than I could have asked for.  They have blessed my life more than I know and I find myself daily thing to mimic their actions, decisions and the way they live their lives.

Taylor Stern

I find inspiration for so many awesome people in my life, however at the top of the list is my dad. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore my father and what he stands for. He defines selflessness and relentless hard work with how he lives everyday.

Katie Stevens

My little sister, Brittany, not a day goes by that she doesn’t inspire me with her strength, determination and unconditional love for everyone she meets. She’s my rock.

Laurel Glenn

My parents are my inspiration. My mom and dad are two very different people who work together as an incredible team. Between the two of them, they have taught me that being kind and caring is equally as important as being ambitious and strong. They lead by example every day to help my two brothers and me reach our full potential.

Kristi Scales

My sister, Karey Nicholson, inspires me not only as a terrific mom (and new ‘Grammy’ to her 2 year old granddaughter, Brooklyn), but through her work as a teacher’s aide for severely disabled elementary school students in Columbus, Ohio (Hilliard City School District). Karey raised two terrific children of her own, Britney and Brion. Karey has been a champion for Brion who, with the challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome, is a wonderful, smart young man and highly productive citizen with a full-time job. Now Karey is helping a new generation of young students in Columbus who need a champion.


Author: Taylor Stern

Taylor Stern

Native New Mexican, Taylor works as the Cowboys’ Social Media Coordinator. When she’s not running around tweeting pictures of the team she can be found on her couch watching college football, wasting time on Pinterest or eating at Chuy’s.

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  1. Great article, Taylor. Keep them coming. We appreciate getting to know more about the wonderful staff of ladies. Interesting that none of them picked the big good looking athletes as their heroes! Shows what type of young women are on your staff – ones with values and solid foundations.

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