Elfie Gives Her Annual Press Conference

Day 1 Welcome

Our Elfie has arrived from the North Pole! Here is a recap of her press conference:

Greetings From Valley Ranch!
Christmas time is here again!
That means it is time for me to move in!
On Santa’s behalf I will watch and listen.
So I can report back what he and ESPN are missing.
So, each night I use magic to fly to the North Pole,
To make sure all good Cowboys fans get presents, and Eagles fans get coal.

If you do as you’re told, you’ll find new pictures of me each day,
In a new place at Valley Ranch having fun or waiting to play.
So make good choices and spread kindness and cheer,
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Author: Alex Campisi

Alex Campisi

Alex Campisi joined the Cowboys in 2013 after spending the best four years of her life at the University of Alabama. After being part of 2 National Championships while at Alabama, Alex realized the only thing she was missing was a Super Bowl Championship. Alex is now the Service Coordinator for the Tickets Sales department for the Cowboys - which might as well be the next best thing to her childhood dream of becoming the first female NFL player. As a contributor to Five Points Blue, Alex is always hunting for new ways to connect pop culture to football in hopes to combat her rapid path to becoming a crazy cat lady.

One Response to “Elfie Gives Her Annual Press Conference”

  1. Kristi Scales
    Kristi Scales Reply

    Dear Elf: When you get to the North Pole tonight, please tell Santa that we really, really, really would love a win over the Colts on Sunday as an early Christmas present! Not to be greedy, but just to spread a little holiday/pigskin cheer.

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