Girl’s Guide: Hosting the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Super bowl Sunday has got to be one of my favorite days of the year. What can possibly be better than having an excuse to throw a party centered on friends, food and football? Here are a few tips from my personal party planning Bible.

First things first, Have ALL of the food and drinks. For food, bite size snacks is easiest and least messy.

On my menu? wings, jalapeno poppers, and pigs in a blanket. Chips or veggies and dips are a great table filler/snack as well.

PSA: Do not be afraid to ask your guests to bring something small to contribute. Hosting a party can get stressful and pricey…which your guests totally understand, hence why they aren’t throwing the party themselves. For a sweet treat, try chocolate covered strawberries. They are easy to make and add a lot to the theme.

chocolate stawberries

Drinks are quite simple… Have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic options available but make your party BYOB.

Everyone has a different preference and you aren’t trying to go out and buy the entire beer cooler. Wine is my go-to so I’ll have bottles of red AND white because I like options and did I mention I like wine? As for nonalcoholic, you cannot go wrong with Sweet Tea and water. Ladies, forgetting the water would be a major party fowl so let’s not forget that one. Plus, sweet tea and football go together like wine and cheese… there I go with the wine again. Sorry.

Let’s chat about Décor… Keep it simple.

Paper plates and utensils are just fine for throwing a Super bowl party. Most importantly, they are easy to clean up and, it’s easy to pick colors that show spirit for your favorite team. Personally, I am still rocking blue and white because: #CowboysNation. Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest decoration inspiration pins.

decor1 decor2  decor4

Lastly, GAMES.

Super Bowl Squares are the most common. My personal favorite game is trying to guess which brand is sponsoring which ad. My favorite commercials are always the ones with the cute little puppies running around everywhere. Football is great, but throwing puppies on the screen in between quarters makes it even better. Am I right?



Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Ladies!



Author: Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens

Katie joined the Cowboys immediately after graduating college in 2014 (Gig 'Em!), as part of the Mobile Marketing team, she works on a variety of projects with almost every other department in the organization. From Draft Day to Game Day, Katie loves all things Cowboys.

3 Responses to “Girl’s Guide: Hosting the Perfect Super Bowl Party”

  1. This is a GREAT ARTICLE! I am going to use your idea’s for my Super Bowl Party! Love it…

  2. Awesome artical Katie! Love you bunches and I’m so proud of you!

    Love, Marlee Scott

  3. Terry & Sharon Reply

    Sharon and I loved this article. Would have been perfect for any get together with a sports theme, or just for friends. Hope to see more of these from Katie in the future.

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