Jason Witten: Dad-Do #3

Jason Witten shows his fatherly love with his daughter, Landry, in Pantene’s new campaign, “Strong is Beautiful”, which focuses on building strong and successful women.

Pantene sites recent research showing that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers. In an ongoing commitment to celebrate and enable women’s strength, Pantene partnered with NFL dads, New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson, Pittsburgh Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams and Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten, to help give dads the tools to spend more quality time with their daughters – an act that helps foster confidence and strength in young girls.

Jason may be better at catching touchdown passes than creating the perfect ballerina bun, but he still gets an ‘A’ for effort.

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Author: Laurel Glenn

Laurel Glenn

As a member of the Marketing team, Laurel loves strategizing and promoting all things related to the Cowboys. Laurel has hailed from Dallas for most of her life, but took a brief sabbatical in Missouri where she earned a degree in Journalism and a minor in Marketing (M-I-Z!).

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  1. Jason Witten — another WINNER in the Cowboys organization – and not just in their playbook! What a person, what a role model.

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