Kellie Rasberry’s VIP Game Day Experience


5PB: Rowdy and I bombarded the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s studio a couple weeks ago, what was your first reaction when Rowdy walked through the door?

 Kellie Rasberry: I was surprisingly star struck! Rowdy’s a huge celebrity!

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5PB: Of the 5 Points Blue gifts that were given to you and Jenna, which was your favorite?

 Kellie Rasberry: The field passes! I’ve been to games before and I’ve been lucky enough to be in a suite, but I’ve never been down on the actual field! The see-through purse was pretty cool, too.

  5PB: Regarding the 5 Points Blue calendar, have you picked out your favorite player month yet? 

 Kellie Rasberry: I’m holding out for the Hall of Fame calendar and whatever month belongs to Troy Aikman.

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5PB: Sunday was your first time to be on the field for pre-game. Tell us what went through your head as you stepped out onto the turf for the first time.

 Kellie Rasberry: At first, it doesn’t seem real. It takes a few minutes to adjust to the magnitude of it all. The Cowboys field is like sacred ground. 

 5PB: At times you were 5 feet from some of the guys, how cool was that!?

 Kellie Rasberry: It was so exciting to watch the players do their pre-game warmup and catch passes. It made me a little nervous because sometimes I felt like I may have been a little too close! 


5PB: You looked great on game day, tell us more about the look you went with!

 Kellie Rasberry: I went with a Cowboys tee shirt, of course! But I added a jacket because, honestly, it was a size too small. I’m hoping to fit into it — minus the jacket — in time for next season! 


5PB: Any advice for your listeners on picking a great game day outfit?  

 Kellie Rasberry: Don’t be trying to wear your cute heels. You’ll do a lot of walking in that great big stadium and there’s nothing worse than hobbling around on 6-inch stilettos trying to act like your feet don’t hurt. 

 5PB: Being from South Carolina, but living in Texas – do you find yourself torn between which teams to route for no matter the sport (Rangers, Mavs, Stars, Cowboys)?

 Kellie Rasberry: I’ve been in Texas for over 20 years now so no matter who they’re playing, I’ll always pull for the Dallas team! 

 5PB: From what you know about 5 Points Blue, what stands out the most to you?

 Kellie Rasberry: I love knowing the stories behind the players. I can’t tell you anybody’s stats or tell you who holds what records for passing or scoring or kicking or whatever else there’s a record for. But I love actually getting to know who the player is. What were they like in high school? Did they have to make any sacrifices to play the game? What do they do when they’re not playing football? What’s their family life like? 


5PB: You’ve made it known that Troy Aikman is your all-time Cowboys crush. If he’s reading this now, what would you like to say to him? 

 Kellie Rasberry: I’m still single. Even if I’m not, I will be. Just say the word.

 5PB: Anything we’ve missed that you’d like to add?

 Kellie Rasberry: I can’t wait for next season!! 

*To hear the audio from 5 Points Blue’s visit to the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, click here. 


Author: Dana Jones

Dana Jones

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