NFL RETURNS TO LOS ANGELES: Things to Know About St. Louis Rams Moving to L.A.


On Tuesday, January 12th the NFL owners voted to bring an NFL team back to the Los Angeles market. The final vote was 30-2 with Jerry Jones among those voting in favor of the league’s relocation to LA for the first time since 1994. The Rams are moving from St Louis to Inglewood, California, and the Chargers may be co-tenants at a new stadium.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the move and how it affects the Cowboys.

#1 Three teams wanted very badly to move into the Los Angeles market, but the Rams won the owners’ vote and will begin play at a new $2.6 billion stadium complex in Inglewood in 2019. Inglewood is a Los Angeles suburb, adjacent to LAX Airport. The stadium will seat 70,240 with standing room areas that could increase capacity to over 100,000 for large events. The stadium is part of a larger mixed-use development to be built next to the Forum, on the site of the old Hollywood Park horseracing track.

#2 Rams owner Stan Kroenke is a real estate magnate who bought up the land the previous years and had already made substantial investments in the prospective development. The development includes space for NFL Network studios, a theatre, and office space for and NFL digital media. By the way, before moving to St Louis in 1995, the Rams played in Los Angeles from 1946-1994.

#3 Because the new stadium won’t be ready until 2019 at the earliest, Rams games will likely be played at the venerable L.A. Coliseum, home to college football’s USC Trojans and the former home of the Raiders.

As for the Raiders, they are the losers in this 3-team race to L.A. For now, they’re staying put in Oakland at a stadium that is the dregs of the NFL. Their stadium is an armpit, but the NFL owners have pledged to help the Raiders with the stadium situation. The Raiders has already left Oakland for Los Angeles earlier in their history. The Raiders played in Los Angeles for 13 seasons from 1982-1994 before returning to Oakland. The Raiders had partnered with the Chargers to build a new stadium in Carson, California (also a suburb of Los Angeles, just a few miles from Inglewood) so that both teams could share the L.A. market. But that bid fell short in favor of the Rams’ site in Inglewood. NFL owners are giving Raiders owner Mark Davis $100 million as a consolation so that he can use the money to help finance a new stadium for the Raiders in the Bay Area.

#4 The Chargers, who have one of the oldest (and worst) stadiums in the NFL, have the option to join the Rams as co-tenants in the L.A. market.  The option is good until 2017. Team owner Dean Spanos and Chargers officials have tried for years to get a new stadium in the San Diego market, but to no avail.

#5 How does NFL relocation to L.A. affect the Cowboys? Not a lot, except that Jerry Jones and all NFL owners will make a lot more money. Not just because the NFL is returning to the second largest market in the country (meaning more money from national sponsors), but also with relocation fees. Reports were that any team that moved to L.A. would have to play the league a relocation fee of up to $550 million. Jerry has been championing a return to LA for 20 years, so he finally got his wish. He was one of the 30 votes to approve relocation, and he was the first person to publicly talk about the idea of the Chargers being co-tenants with the Rams. Also, having a team in Los Angeles, Jerry says, does not affect the Cowboys ability to continue to hold training camp in Oxnard, California which is located on the fringes of the LA market.


Author: Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales is the Cowboys' multi-award winning sideline reporter who has covered the Cowboys for 25 seasons.

Twitter: @KristiCowboy

19 Responses to “NFL RETURNS TO LOS ANGELES: Things to Know About St. Louis Rams Moving to L.A.”

  1. I think there are few spelling mistakes in the last part of this article. However, i want to address the issue of further travel and especially could be a problem if it occurs on a short week. So i mean its a minor change and do not believe it will be that bad for the team but it should be addressed.

  2. what a waste of our time. your just trying to get people to click the link to read this bogus story. you could have answered your page titles question in a single sentance “How does NFL relocation to L.A. affect the Cowboys? Not a lot”

  3. The part about higher cost of travel is moot. Miles to travel to play the Rams will be down. They play in the NFC West in a division with San Francisco, Seattle, and Arizona.

  4. Being a Cowboys fan is one would think that I wouldn’t have a dog in this fight. However, I happen to be a Cowboys fan that lives in Missouri. I have never been a Rams fan, but I have always loved that St. Louis had an NFL team. In my opinion, anyone who backs Kroenke should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. The man is from Missouri, yet trashed St. Louis to further his agenda. If you want to move a team. … it…….but, at least be honest as to why you’re doing it. Don’t yeah the city that backed your team for the 15 years of losing records. One thing that St.Louis will always be is a sports city. One day in the future a team will decide to take a chance on the greatest sports city in America, and once again the fans will embrace a team that WANTS to call St. Louis home.

  5. This story is a waste of space. You should’ve just said, “it’s about the money.” By the way, the big losers aren’t Oakland and San Diego. The losers are the fans of professional football in general, and St. Louis football fans in particular. St. Louis is a great sports market and good ol’ Jerry Jones joined the bandwagon to trash them, too. This will come back to haunt the NFL.

  6. Glen Straker Reply

    Jerry Jones and every NFL owner who voted for the Rams to move to L.A. is a sellout for the almighty dollar. They left the St. Louis area without any thought. I think it is TERRIBLE!!! This and other recent off season moves, ( example: moving the PAT back to the 15 yard line), has made me now consider NEVER to watch another NFL game!!! I played in high school and college, and watched football passionately for over55 years. This commissioner gudelis a total incompetent, and has RUINED the N.F.L.

  7. How does the Rams moving to LA affect the Cowboys? It doesnt. What a waste of time reading this.

  8. Not only is the stadium in Oakland an armpit, the entire city of Oakland is too. In fact, most of Cali is.

    • When you call someone an idiot for his writing ability, try not to screw up the sentence you are using to call him out with. “When you I in a sentence” What the hell is that? Idiot.

    • Make sure you proof read your comment before calling someone out. You just made yourself look like an idiot.

  9. Glad the rams are moving back to L.A. They never should have left it. St. Louis is a great sports city, but I feel the Rams belong back in L.A. Wouldn’t mind if Oakland moved to L.A. too, but hope San Diego will approve a new stadium and keep the Chargers. San Diego is a great city. Didn’t care much for Oakland the one time I was there.

  10. Phil Schroeder Reply

    What about the possibility of the Raiders moving to San Antonio? That would affect the Cowboys, wouldn’t it? In your opinion, how much of a possibility do you think that is?

  11. What Jones may not realize is the possibility that a seething Davis in Oakland might take his team to San Antonio Austin area. Combined, they are equivalent to the 5th largest metropolitan area in the country.

  12. Mike Mooney Reply

    Good article, and good news. the Cowboys are 6-6 in L.A all time and have a great deal of fans there, so playing there will be a plus in the years to come.

  13. San Diego does not have one of the worst stadiums in the NFL.. It is actually a marvelous venue for watching football. Spanos has not tried to do anything to get a stadium here beyond making unrealistic demands that the taxpayers build him a Billion dollar palace and let him use it for free. In fact he has refused to negotiate with the city. Leave if you think business is better in LA but please don’t play the martyr when you are just greedy!

  14. I live in St Louis. Not getting wrapped up in the politics and $$ involved in all this. Its too bad we lost the RAMS. I am a COWBOYS fan but loved attending a game here and there. ……especially when the boys came to town! Rams have been awful over the years and I hope LA gets a taste of the garbage we had here for so long. In Hindsight, I think the garbage was put out there on purpose so the un-involved owner (Kroenke) could get what he wanted in the end…a move.

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