Valley Ranch Trash or Treasure: Tex Schramm’s Gold Jacket

Tex Schramm Hall of Fame gold jacket 005

This gold jacket was worn by Tex Schramm during his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991. The jacket and other memorabilia recognizing the former Cowboys team president and general manager (1959-1991) is part of a display case in the Valley Ranch lobby.

Schramm is also a member of the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor (inducted in 2003).

During his 29 seasons as team president and general manager, Schramm led the Cowboys from a struggling expansion franchise to a two-time Super Bowl champion knows around the globe as America’s Team. He was a driving force around the entire league, not just the Cowboys. As chairman of the NFL Competition Committee, he championed many game-changing innovations and rule changes such as instant replay, microphones for the referees, computers for use in scouting, coach-to-QB radio communications, and the Wild Card playoff system.

A marketing genius, Schramm created the current incarnation of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and made Thanksgiving Day a traditional home game for the Cowboys. He led the merger between the NFL and the AFL. After leaving the Cowboys in 1991, he became president of the World League of American Football.

Extra Fact: Tex’s real name is Texas Earnest Schramm, but he wasn’t born in Texas. Born in San Gabriel, California, Texas was his father’s name. It’s also the place his parents met. After graduating from high school in California, Tex attended the University of Texas in Austin.


Author: Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales

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