Valley Ranch Treasures

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As we start packing-up for the team’s move to its new headquarters in Frisco, Texas, we’re finding fun items that will ultimately end up in the Cowboys Archives or the new digs at The Star.

This Revell snap-together model of a van featuring a logo of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is from 1979. Wow, no glue required…it snaps together! Arguably this time period was the height of popularity for the squad. On January 14, 1979 the made-for-TV movie The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders drew a 48% share in the television ratings. The movie starred Jane Seymour, Bert Convy, and Lauren Tewes (yes, Julie the cruise director from The Love Boat). From posters to playing cards to toys and collectibles, lots of cheerleaders merchandise was available at the time, including this model van!



Author: Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales

Kristi Scales is the Cowboys' multi-award winning sideline reporter who has covered the Cowboys for 25 seasons.

Twitter: @KristiCowboy

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  1. this is hilarious! I’m surprised I didn’t have one of these! Thanks for sharing!

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