Wade Livingston


Wandering, pondering Wade. That’s what we called him. Really, anyone who knew him called him that.

I can see him now.

Roaming the sands of an exotic beach in Mexico. Taking mental note of every single detail of his surroundings. Picturing which swimsuit would look best with the lighting and the colors. Searching for the beauty that the normal eye wouldn’t see. Oh, but when Wade did find that perfect spot, his face would light up with that infectious, goofy grin. And you knew something like magic would be created.

For more than 15 years, Wade Livingston was the eye that captured many of the swimsuit photos that have graced the pages of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ calendars, magazines, and printed materials. That’s over 15 different squads, hundreds of exotic images, and even more lives impacted by his gifted approach to photography. Last week, we all gathered to bid farewell and celebrate the life and legacy of our dear friend.

Wade was more than just our photographer. He was our family. Our friend. Our favorite goofball. I remember a shoot that I did with him. It was my second time shooting with him, and, let’s be real, I was not nailing it. I was nervous, stiff, and it was showing on camera. Wade looked up from the camera, smiled at me, and asked me a question in a way that only he could.

“What’s your favorite war?”

I was perplexed. And honestly, that was probably the first emotion that had crossed my face other than the frozen smile I’d been trying to rock. After a second, I just bursted into laughter, and I heard the camera flash. We literally joked about it for minutes. And the more we did, the more I relaxed, and the more the cameras flashed. It was the little things that made shooting with him such a joy.

He was the most positive spirit that we knew. If you didn’t know him personally, then you probably would never know that he had a brain tumor. Though benign, he lost vision in one eye after it was surgically removed… The very thing he needed for his craft. We never heard him complain. He, instead, focused on the beauty in life, both literally and figuratively.

I could go on and on with stories and memories. We all could. But even still, I don’t think there are enough words to describe the soul, the talent, and the man that was Wade Livingston.

We love you, wandering, pondering Wade.

Author: Jacie Veronica


Jacie is in her third season with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Born and raised in Louisiana, she is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication - Print Journalism. Jacie loves dancing, tucking it out at the Bar Method, and she has her dad to thank for her Cowboys love.

Twitter: @DCC_Jacie

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  1. Chris Baker Reply

    Thank you for sharing your experience working with Wade. I met Wade back in 1981, I was just out of photography school and Wade was hired to help with set construction. We became immediate friends. He did have a way with humor, dry but witty. He asked many questions about the photo end of what we were doing on set. I knew he was destined for bigger and better things. His work speaks for itself… He was very Good! I too will miss him.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Goodly k to him. May he reap the happiness he has sown

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